Social History of Art


Essays Thematic (mostly Gender-Related)

Cosmos and Microcosm Body Politic and Patriarchy in European Culture Sept 12 2015

(short 3 page overview of the hierarchical cosmology and social-political-sexual order 

imposed by courtly and Christian elites through the 17th century and later)


Baldwin THESIS Humble Style in Northern Religious Art 1400-1700 

(My 1983 Ph.D. dissertation (Harvard) on the Northern European tradition of sacred lowliness and inner vision in Christian art, rhetoric, and literature, 15-17th centuries.)

Baldwin Mythology in Western Culture Dec 16 2015

(broad overview of mythology, mostly in Renaissance  and Baroque art;not to be confused with my "Guide to Mythology" which is a mini-dictionary found under "Misc Info"

Socrates as Ugly Silenus Concealing Wisdom

Conealing his inner wisdom, the proverbial ugliness of Socrates became a Western paradigm for understanding everything in the natural and human world including literature and the visual arts. Truth and wisdom lay behind outward appearances.

Baldwin Music as a Problematic Liberal Art

Baldwin History Painting Nov 30 2011

("big picture" essay on the ruling category in the courtly system encompassing all Renaissance and Baroque Art, major revision Nov 2011)

Baldwin The System of Art in 17th-Century Europe

(on the hierarchical system of European art by the 17th century: History Painting, Portraiture, Landscape, Genre Painting, and Still-Life)

Baldwin Classical Background to Renaissance Landscape

(surveys the major traditions of classical landscape literature leading to the Renaissance including Cosmology, Geography and Travel, Gardens, Pastoral, Agriculture and Villa, and Hunting) 

Baldwin Apocalypse and Revelation

Baldwin Absolutism

Baldwin Politics As Gender 1200 to 1700.doc  (ruler as husband)

Baldwin Mythological Rape An Outline and a Critique Jan 2016

Baldwin Rape in Early Modern Culture

(an older, less critical but text-filled survey of the allegorical understanding of mythological rape in Western literature and art - see the previous essay listed here for a more recent, short, enlightened approach)

Baldwin Woman as Celestial Beauty 1300-1700.doc

Baldwin Gems and Beauty from the Late Middle Ages to the Renassance.doc

Baldwin The Renaissance Nymph.doc

Baldwin Renaissance Beauty Aesthetic and the Old Woman.doc

Baldwin Outline of Golden Age Idea in the Renaissance Sept 3 2015

Baldwin Mutual Gazing in Renaissance Art

("Mutual Gazing" is a published article from the mid-1980s pursuing a traditional  iconographic reading in art and literature of couples looking into each other's eyes.)

Baldwin Homoerotic Art in the Italian Renaissance.doc

Baldwin Nobility As Virtue 1450 to 1700.doc   (appeal of inner nobility to aristocracy)

Baldwin Mythology in Western Culture A Fourfold Tradition Jan 2015

Baldwin Orpheus in Art Through 1800 An Outline


Baldwin Slaughtered Pig and Slaughtered Ox in Northern Renaissance and Baroque Art.doc

Baldwin Art As Language 1400 to 1960.doc (a mini-social history of art)

Baldwin Common Values Before and After 1700 (outline of shared cultural values in Europe before and after the all-important 18th century)

Baldwin Outline Of Social Art History Since the Renaissance (the big picture in 3 pages)

 Baldwin Formal Garden in 16th Century Europe.doc

Baldwin Gardens in Art 1700 to 1940.doc  (section on Monet revised 4/2010)




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